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Baram Reghatta 2011, Marudi

The Baram Regatta

The main objective of the Baram Regatta was to substitute for old bloody-feuds and to persuade the tribes to aid the government in keeping the peace. To suppress fighting and head-hunting, the then Resident of Baram, Charles Hose organized an annual race for the war-canoes of all the villagers n April 1899. All the longhouses in the Baram and Tinjar were informed. They included the Kenyahs of the Baram, the Lirongs of the Tinjar and Madangs of the central highlands as well as a number of Ibans.

The Baram Regatta was first introduced about 109 years ago where it has become a much awaited popular event until today. It was introduced with the intention to preserve harmony and enhance unity.

15 paddlers statue at the centre of Marudi Town

Commitee's /VIP's / Organisers at Baram Regatta 2011, Marudi.



Sep 30 - Oct 2, 2011






Miri Resident Office & Marudi District Office

The winner (Suljirina Lucas) and 2nd runners-up of The Beauty Pageant taking photo with VIP's. ~ Congratulations from FFB


RM3,000 cash prize is for the winner

while the first and second runners-up will receive RM2,000 and RM1000 respectively.

Each of the finalists will take home RM300 in addition to other complementary prizes.


- Eligible age to participate must be of 18 – 30 years.

- Single and.....AVAILABLE ; )

- Malaysians- Sarawakians

Since the beauty pageant was one of the activities for the Baram Regatta, participants must prepare themselves on information pertaining to history and development of Baram and the Regatta – a water sport first held 109 years ago.

“The IQ test for the top four finalists will be one of the important factors to determine who qualify to be the Miss Baram Regatta as she will be the ambassador in promoting Baram.

Traditional music instrument called 'Sape'

Traditional repellent use by Kayan / Kenyah people in Sarawak. It also use during they perform their Traditional Dance - forgot the name...

Speed boat race during Baram Regatta 2011. 2 Bruneian boats join and won most of the races.

Long Boat races during Baram Regatta 2011

Paddlers still maintain their spirits to win the races although it was raining

Baram Regatta 2011

Baram Regatta 2011

Baram Regatta 2011

Baram Regatta 2011

Traditional dance during 1 Malaysia Cultural Night, Baram Regataa Marudi 2011.

A group of dancers during 1 Malaysia Cultural Night

zhixx... ; )

Baram Regatta Baeaty Pageant 2011 Contestant

zhixx... 2nd runners-up (congratulations from FFB)

more zhixx... ; )

During practice session in the evening

Baram Idols contestant 2011

He rock the night, nice voice bro...

~ p/s: See "you" all at Baram Regatta 2014

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